Ay 3 8500

The AY – – 85Ball Paddle integrated circuit was the first in a series of ICs from General Instrument designed for the consumer video game market. Usage ‎ Applications ‎ AY-3-85 ‎ AY-3-86 Bilder zu ay 85 Weitere Bilder zu ay 85Unangemessene Bilder melden Wir danken dir für dein Feedback. Weiteres Bild melden Melde das anstößige Bild. The AY – – 85chip was extremely successful: hundreds of different game systems used it worldwide.

Some manufacturers did not hesitate to create a line of . GI’s AY – – 85chip uses a simple 28-pin DIL package. Curiously, this chip has four pins that are not used. GI could have used a smaller 24-pin package instead. Ich will aus dem Ay – – 85eine Pong Konsole Bauen und dafür die kleinste und einfachste schaltung! Sie sollte Echt klein sein da ich . Subscribe to the PONG museum´s channel at http://www.

This video demonstrates the capabilities of the AY – – 85pong-on-a-chip integrated circuit. Pindes AY – – 85hat auch keinen Kontakt zur Außenwelt. Bohrungen für Bauteile sind zwar da, wurde aber scheinbar nie bestückt. I don’t think you’ll be able to get them off the shelf unless you wait a very long time on EBay.

You could make your own equivalent. I Selectable Games—Tennis, soccer, squash, practice and two rifle shooting games. Line ( AY – – 85) and 5Line ( AY – — 85-1) versions.