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Funkamateure rocken mit Roboter-Band. Amateur Radio Newsline headlines for Ham Nation. Description The Software Defined Radio revolution brought great flexibility in VHF and UHF . Ham and CB radio news and headlines from around the web.

An interesting video by France TVdepicting life, radio operations,. News , DX, new equipment etc.

Web site dedicated to ham radio (amateur radio). The International Space Station HAM -TV facility has again been use this time by Astronaut Paolo. Burger for The Patriot- News. Ham Radio Operators Have Butte County Emergency Role:.

By K5KAC, on the scene LOS GATOS, Calif. Big radio telescope makes discovery. He told me that their motto is “When all else fails, ham radio.

Radio ham rescues epileptic girl on remote Exmoor campsite.

Chet Hogue shows his ham radio sent out messages for Lower Keys residents in the days after Hurricane Irma. When all communication fails, there are always amateur radio operators to step in. Natural disasters such as hurricanes and storms can cause . Winners will be announced shortly.

Using HAM Radio during natural disasters. Heather Black, WSBT Reporter. Enter your postcode to see news and information near you. The FCC on March adopted rules that will allow . All my videos are so serious.

We hear so much about fake news. Biswas and his team of ham radio operators took up the task of. Neighbours worry the ham radio tower could fall onto their house. Joe DeAngelo of Winters, a ham radio enthusiast, teaches an introductory workshop earlier this. An engineering supervisor retired from CBS network news after years and now.

Curt Hadley plugged into the world of amateur radio five years ago as part. Ham radios, he says, are often the only means of communication . Puerto Rico using his ham radio.