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Usually these are short preludes to the main films. Hochspringen ↑ Kevin Feige On MCU Timeline. Weiteres Bild melden Melde das anstößige Bild. Die nachfolgende Timeline ist nicht ganz komplett.

Captain America: The First . MCU : A Chronology – Complete Set.

Upcoming MCU projects (chronological order unknown):. Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline Phase 1. Now, Infinity War is on the horizon, bringing in more of the MCU. The order in which one should watch MCU movies and TV shows. MCU television series, comics, and . At age fifteen, the Black Widow defects to SHIEL exchanging information for safety. Read the SpiderMan Homecoming MCU.

Wait, you have more to say? Tagen – An official MCU timeline ?

Until they released the new Spider-Man film . MCU Timeline Soweit so gut… In „Phase 3“ des MCU geht es dann folgendermaßen weiter: 4. Filme in der Mache: Die Zukunft. Diese Timeline wird regelmäßig aktualisiert, und ist daher nicht Spoilerfrei. Zum Vergrößern der Bilder direkt auf die Bilder klicken.

In our timeline , we placed it concurrent with the second season of S. On Movies: At the Theater, a GameFAQs message board topic titled MCU timeline post Homecoming question (Spiderman Spoilers). Spätestens seit der Verwirrung durch die zeitliche Einordnung von Spider-Man: . Contribute to mcu – timeline -backend development by creating an account on GitHub. Producer Brad Winderbaum has revealed when Thor: Ragnarok takes place in terms of the overall MCU timeline. Netflix shows are wedge themselves into the MCU timeline differently.

Unlike most MCU films to date, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. We explain where it fits in with other Marvel . Longer than conference table. Try the beginning of time.

One of the more annoying think pieces to come out since Spider-Man: Homecoming swung into theaters last week is how the movie allegedly . Strange recently and remembered that in Winter Soldier they made reference to him. On the title and premise, Yost explains that There are .