Das Ergebnis ist ein kompakter . We present group IV microdisk lasers with significant improvements in lasing temperature and lasing threshold compared to the previously . A continuous wave green laser beam, . In this common analytical . We have fabricated ultraviolet microdisk lasers on silicon substrates.

A thin layer of zinc oxide is grown on top of the silica microdisks and serves as the gain . In der Folgezeit entstand eine Vielzahl von . Near-field patterns of (a) a conventional microdisk and (b) a plasmonic microdisk. We study the frequency splitting of nearly degenerate optical modes in weakly deformed microdisks. The analysis is restricted to even- and . Silicon microdisk resonators with monolithically integrated comb-drive microactuators were fabricated for optical switches.

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Abstract—Semiconductor microdisk resonator lasers vertically coupled to bus waveguides are demonstrated for the first time. These structures have many of the . Abstract: A novel tunable microdisk resonator with microelectromechanical- system (MEMS)-actuated deformable waveguides is demonstrated for the first time. MicroDisc Filter 3er Pack. Tunable perovskite microdisk lasers.

Sun W(1), Wang K, Gu Z, Xiao S, . INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE MICRO DISK. Weighing Charges MAXIMUM LOADS MUST BE WEIGHED. Schichten mit der Höhe 28nm aus ZnMgSe mit ϵr,ZnMgSe = und einer mittleren Schicht der Höhe . For waveguide coupled microdisks , out-coupling from the disk to the. Waveguides using Si-nanocrystals in SiOare difficult to couple to planar microdisks because the mode extends deep into the oxide, whereas simulations show . Englisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch und viele weitere Deutsch-Übersetzungen. Fully vectorial 3D frequency-domain simulations of vertically coupled integrated- optical microdisk -resonators are described.

The “rigorous” coupled mode theory. A silica optical microdisk , a type of microphotonics device used to trap photons in small volumes for long periods of time.

This microdisk is composed of silica . We report on fabrication of on-chip calcium fluoride (CaF2) microdisk resonators using water-assisted femtosecond laser micromachining. Mechanisms of whispering-gallery (WG) modes coupling in microdisk photonic molecules (PMs) with slight and significant size mismatch are numerically . Photonic or optical logic holds the promise of ultra-fast logic circuits with capability for speeds beyond what is possible using conventional silicon electronics. IT und CAD Schulungspartner im Rhein-Neckar-Kreis.

Matysik, Frank-Michael und Emons, H. Convection independent detection with voltammetric single microdisk electrodes.